Dumpling 4 3rd (Empire Associates)

  • Location: BEAUMONT , CA
  • Type: Contract
  • Job #25919
  • Salary: $0.00 - $18.50
Sanitation Worker

Sanitation Position Summary
Responsible for the maintaining of a clean sanitary and hazard-free environment within, around and outside of the production area. Ensures that all equipment is clean, sanitized, and ready for use by production throughout the day and ready for the next production day using proper SOP’s. Responsibilities include the SQF (Safe Quality Foods) project maintenance cleaning schedule.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Wash and sanitize equipment and objects using proper SOP’s
  • Operate sanitation equipment such as a floor scrubber and sanitizing tools
  • Make sure proper labeling and dilution of all chemicals used
  • Disassemble/assemble machines for cleaning and USDA pre-operational sanitation inspection on a daily basis and prepare USDA pre-operational inspection
  • Set up machines to start production after cleaning and USDA pre-operational inspection on a daily basis
  • Collaborate with QA staff to troubleshoot and analyze sanitation-related issues.
  • Ensure management is up to date on all Safety related issues, policies and programs.
  •  Ensure the efficient and effective cleaning of production equipment and adjacent areas, in addition to other environments, following approved sanitary methods.
  • Responsible for the safe use of appropriate chemical solutions to ensure the cleanest and most highly sanitized equipment.
  • Ensure that all necessary safety precautions are followed in performing your responsibilities.
  • Responsible for following through on projects assigned.
  • Responsible for filling out sanitation documentation, keeping track of cleaning schedules.

Working Condition

  • Endure working in a cold environment and experience temperature changes
  • Ability to handle heavy materials, including drums required
  • Ability to stand/walk throughout the total hours of the working shift
  • Ability to work with allergens (tree nuts, peanut)

3rd Sanitation   $18.50-$18.50
Shift Hours: 11:00pm-8:00am