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Professional Staffing Solutions – our contingent workforce resourcing services help you get the greatest organizational impact by leveraging the contingent talent labor pool. Our temporary staffing services can help you by taking advantage of all the benefits of engaging a flexible workforce solution.

Why use our Professional Staffing Solutions

Shifting workforce requirements, tightened deadlines, new projects and changing priorities present unprecedented challenges and the need to adjust, keep up and innovate. By utilizing our professional staffing solutions your business can remain agile, flexible and competitive. Our well-developed contingent staffing solutions deliver the qualified people you need, when you need them at a cost that meets your budgetary requirements.

We recruit to meet your specific needs
Our time proven and client specific recruiting process is designed to find skilled individuals who can add business value to your organization from day one. We have broad access to a pool of talent across a wide variety of industries. Our proprietary, proven job related skills assessments quickly and accurately evaluate candidates’ abilities and fit within your work environment. By partnering upfront with our clients we are able to garner an in-depth understanding of your objectives to effectively match our associates to your needs.
We can reduce your worker costs

Our contingent worker staffing solution makes it easy to staff up or down in response to business fluctuations, preserving your highly valued permanent workforce and controlling costs. By partnering with Empire Workforce Solutions, the costs associated with hiring, benefits, retirement, taxes and long-term compensation are dramatically reduced.

We partner with you

We work closely with your talent acquisition, HR and hiring manager teams to ensure our contingent staffing solutions support your enterprise workforce strategies. We’re the single resource that can manage all aspects of the contingent workforce – from recruitment to onboarding and safety to ongoing satisfaction measurement.

How we work

The Empire Workforce Solutions team truly are experts in temporary staffing. We believe that in order for a temporary staffing firm to provide the best service possible, it has to truly understand the clients’ business requirements. Only through listening intently to your business’s needs and then applying our team’s decades of temporary staffing experience can we deliver customized contingent staffing solutions.

Our tried and true approach is based on dedicated temporary staffing consultants who develop a staffing solution tailored to your business needs ensuring highly successful implementations. We guarantee responsiveness as well as accountability. Our highly trained and qualified and professional temporary staffing agents are experts in screening talent and assessing proficiency. We conduct focused behavioral interviews and comprehensive skill assessments to ensure an excellent cultural fit to deliver the exact temporary staffing solution you need.

As part of the staffing solution design process, every candidate is assessed against three critically important categories: job fit, company cultural fit and hiring manager fit.

Our recruitment team is skilled at finding best fit contingent talent in the following areas

Accounting and Finance


Human Resources


Office and Administration


Managerial and Executive


Industrial and Manufacturing

Call Center

Life Sciences

Facilities and Maintenance

Sales and Marketing


Workforce Solutions

Empire Workforce Solutions’ team can help meet your short and medium term operational needs while helping to support and advance your long-term strategic plans through our combination of innovative HR programs coupled with our technology platform and innovative staffing insight and expertise. In addition to our core contingent staffing solutions, we offer these additional services:

Direct Hire and Perm Placement

Employer of Record and Payrolling Services

Freelancer and Gig Worker Workforce Management

Industrial onsite workforce management

RPO Solutions

How Your Business Benefits from Hiring a Temporary Staffing Agency

You’ll enjoy these benefits to your business when you hire an agency that provides temporary staffing services:

Alleviate the Burden of Your HR Department

Lengthy hiring processes add pressure to the already busy schedule of HR personnel. Getting a temp labor service provider will help ease your HR’s stress. They’ll help take away the workload associated with screening, vetting, and interviewing candidates.

Accelerate the Hiring Process

A temporary help service agency has the manpower necessary to recruit potential hires quickly. They’ll tap into their broad network of candidates to find you a suitable employee. If you need a temp position filled quickly, a staffing agency may just be the service provider you need.

Decreases Stress

When one of your employees fails to report to work for any reason, the workload or responsibilities shift to other workers. Seeking the help of a temp agency allows you to bring onboard skilled individuals who could fill the available positions. It helps prevent your employees from becoming burned out or overworked.

Allows You to Adopt a Try-Before-Hire Approach

Some workers thrive in a new job environment. Others, however, struggle and need some time to understand the company culture. Businesses can tap the assistance of a temp agency to observe newly hired employees. If the worker is a good fit, the company may choose to employ that worker.

A Word About Workplace Safety

We’re recognized experts when it comes to protecting employees through best safety practices, minimizing operational risks and improving bottom-line outcomes which are so easily affected by lax safety practices. In fact, we take safety so seriously that we employ a dedicated team to ensure that the highest standards are upheld— because nothing is more important than the safety of our workers.

Work with us to find great talent faster — gain a competitive edge and get even more out of your existing teams

Common Staffing Challenges and how we can help

My Talent Pool isn’t large enough

We will create a customized talent pipeline by accessing contingent worker databases, social media, and passive candidate pools.

My contingent worker turnover rate is way too high

We will develop a client specific retention plan just for you and show you how to take advantage of our workforce management tools to reduce turnover and increase retention. We will also track, monitor and report on key metrics to improve overall retention.

I can’t find qualified contingent worker candidates
We will build a process and evaluation tools, analyze your staffing needs in great detail and then optimize our recruitment strategy to provide higher-quality candidates
My need for contingent workers keeps growingh
We will craft a saleable recruitment and staffing strategy based on your unique business cycle. The core element of that strategy will be the ability to anticipate talent needs — before they even arise
Can you help with sponsorship of H1-B visas
In some cases, Empire Workforce Solutions can sponsor an H-1B Visa. For highly-specialized roles that require hard-to-fill skill sets, this may be one of many options we have to meet your hiring challenges
We can’t find local talent in our market
We often will leverage in-depth market intelligence to analyze supply and demand levels for particular skill sets in your area. If local talent isn’t an option, we can connect you with experienced professionals who are willing to relocate.
Can you help with improving the diversity of our organization
Our recruitment team has a well-established professional network filled with qualified candidates from all backgrounds who can often bring different perspectives and innovative ideas that can help move your business forward.

We are here to help you

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