Employer of Record (EOR) Solutions


Optimized Payrolling Solutions -- Reduce Your Compliance and Risk

Empire Workforce Solutions Employer of Record (EOR) service reduces the risk associated with employee classification while allowing you to focus on what’s important: your business.

Empire Workforce Solutions handles everything so you can focus on being more efficient on many levels. Empire takes care of all administrative, clerical and legal regulatory requirements and responsibilities, ranging from employee compensation and benefits, to the complexities associated with all local, state and federal filing of payroll taxes for temporary staff.

We also track and account for all the complexities involved with managing PTO and Sick Leave, as well as a wide range of employment mandates. Our staff of payroll, accounting, legal and human resource experts are at your disposal.


Complete Functional Solution – Ensures Optimal Efficiency

When it comes to Payrolling, Empire Workforce EOR Solutions has your company covered. With a dedicated implementation and delivery team specializing in payroll solutions leveraging our proprietary implementation process and plans, we ensure a fully compliant workforce which meets all regulatory requirements. Our technology platform streamlines the on and off-boarding processes for all temporary staff. Empire Workforce EOR Solution ensures a quick, simple and positive experience for all contingent workers along with hiring managers from the initial engagement through assignment completion. Our technology also provides flexible reporting and monitoring of client SLAs, KPIs and hiring activity.


Empire Workforce EOR Solutions delivers value to key client stakeholders

  • Higher Education Payrolling Solutions team delivers EOR services for Adjunct Instructors, Distance Learning Initiatives, On Line programs, Virtual Education, Move In/Move Out, Reprographics, Academic Support Programs, Research Assistants and Grant Writers.

  • Manufacturing and Light Industrial Payrolling Solutions team delivers EOR services for Assemblers, Packaging, Maintenance & Facilities, Operators, Shipping and Receiving and Warehouse.

  • Hospitality Payrolling Solutions team delivers EOR services for Guest Services, Housekeeping and Custodial.

  • Medical Payrolling Solutions team delivers EOR services for Nurses, Phlebotomists, Medical Assistants, Medical Technicians, Patent Service Representatives, Lab Workers and Pharmacy Technicians.


Our Employer of Record Services Solution Overview:

  • 1099 vs. W-2 Employee Classification

  • Workers Compensation, Unemployment, and Professional Liability Coverage

  • Management of Pre-hire screenings, Benefits, and on-boarding documentation

  • Technology enabled on and off-boarding procedures

  • Wage and Salary determination

  • Local, State and Federal Statutory and Regulatory Compliance

  • Continual risk evaluations and performance-based assessments

  • Regular Full -Time Equivalent (FTE) vs. Contract Worker Cost-Benefit Analyses

  • Real Time and Historical, technology-based management reporting


Benefits of the Empire Workforce EOR Solution

  • Increase labor spend management and control

  • Eliminate misclassification liability and associated penalties

  • Reduce and eliminate workers compensation and other employment insurance costs

  • Standardize employment and hiring processes including on and off-boarding operations

  • Enhance workforce spend management and control

  • Reduce regulatory compliance costs caused by constantly changing employment laws

  • Facilitate expense reimbursement process for temporary staff

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