Find Qualified Personnel with Our Light Industrial Staffing Agency

The demand for light industrial staff fluctuates from time to time, especially when businesses award new production and manufacturing projects to manufacturers. When the workload increases in your facility, your organization should have easy access to talent that helps you meet production goals.

Empire Workforce Solutions helps you find and choose the candidates you need. As a trusted light industrial staffing agency, we provide the diligent and skilled staff you need to manufacture your company’s goods or products. Whether you need a temp packaging worker or a press operator, we’ll come up with a custom staffing solution that works for you.

Our agency also assists job seekers in finding work in the manufacturing and light industrial sectors. We help these individuals land a role that matches your skills and experience.

Why Choose Us for Your Staffing Needs

What gives us an edge over other light industrial staffing solutions provider is our client-specific recruitment process. When you need workers for your factory or manufacturing facility, we provide only top, qualified candidates from a pool of talents. We screen candidates by performing comprehensive skill assessments and behavioral interviews to determine the right person for the job.

Our agency also makes staffing up and down easy for your organization. You don’t have to worry about hiring people quickly or letting workers go when workload swings. Our staff is ready to help your business.

Advantages of Hiring a Light Industrial Staffing Agency

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy when you let an agency take care of your staffing needs:

Cost and Time Savings

Advertising vacant positions in your business can be costly. Also, the hiring process is time-consuming. You need to check a mountain of resumes, interview applicants and do follow-ups. An agency takes care of these staffing tasks, so you could focus more on growing your business.

Industry Expertise

Staffing specialists carry a level of expertise that enables them to provide qualified candidates from the manufacturing and light industrial sectors.

Improved Retention

Employers who sign up with a staffing agency get the chance to observe employee work habits and performance before providing the temp worker a regular, full-time job. It minimizes business turnover once the trial period concludes, and both the worker and employee believe that the job role is a good fit.

Email today or visit one of our onsite locations to learn how we could help you land a job or fill a vacant position. You may also fill out our contact form for inquiries.